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Research Statement (August 2019)

Working Papers

Using the Sequence-Space Jacobian to Solve and Estimate Heterogeneous-Agent Models [slides]
(with Bence Bardóczy, Matthew Rognlie and Ludwig Straub)
Latest draft June 2019
[Code and notebooks available at GitHub, updated July 2019]

Macroeconomic Effects of Debt Relief: Consumer Bankruptcy Protections in the Great Recession [slides]
(with Will Dobbie and Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham)
Latest draft March 2019
Under Revision for the American Economic Review

The Intertemporal Keynesian Cross (with Matthew Rognlie and Ludwig Straub) [slides]
Latest draftAugust 2018
Under Revision for the Journal of Political Economy

Inequality and Aggregate Demand (with Matthew Rognlie) [slides]
Latest draft January 2018
[Computational appendix]

A Note on Multipliers in NK Models with GHH Preferences (with Matthew Rognlie)
Latest draft August 2017
Under Revision for the Review of Economics and Statistics

Work in Progress

Micro Jumps, Macro Humps: Monetary Policy and Business Cycles in an Estimated HANK Model
(with Matthew Rognlie and Ludwig Straub)

Consumer Bankruptcy as Aggregate Demand Management
(with Kurt Mitman)

Demographics, Wealth, and Interest Rates in the 21st Century
(with Hannes Malmberg, Frédéric Martenet, and Matthew Rognlie)

Older Working Papers

Monetary Union Begets Fiscal Union (with Matthew Rognlie)
Latest draft August 2014

Published and Forthcoming Articles

Monetary Policy and the Redistribution Channel [slides]
American Economic Review109(6), pp. 2333–2367, June 2019
[Published version] [May 2017 version] [January 2016 version] [Job Market Paper version]

Aggregate Demand and the Top 1% (with Matthew Rognlie) [slides]
American Economic Review: Papers&Proceedings107(5), pp. 588-592, May 2017
[Published version]

Unique Equilibrium in the Eaton-Gersovitz Model of Sovereign Debt (with Matthew Rognlie)
Journal of Monetary Economics84, pp. 134-146, December 2016
[Published version]